Re-purpose Proposal

Christie Sailors Donation Page

Please re-purpose our clothes when you or your child have grown out of them. We live on a beautiful planet and we should do our best to preserve it for generations to come. We also sadly live in a country where some aren't able to afford the basic necessities of life. To help make sure our products get the most use we have a great incentive program in place. 

Donate your clothing from Christie Sailors to your local second hand store to get 15% off your next purchase. Follow the steps below! 

1. Make sure the clothes are clean and have been washed recently. 

2. Head to your local second hand store, OR donate to a friend/loved-one/person-in-need

3. Take a picture of yourself passing off your gently used clothes with love

4. Tag ChristieSailorsArt so we can verify it

5. Get a 15% off coupon via email